Beyond the Clans

Based on the Series by Erin Hunter


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Name Of Cat:  (Ex:  Golden) 

Description:  (Ex: Pretty she-cat with golden eyes and a white muzzle)

Status/Place:  (Ex:  Kittypet, The Twoleg Place)

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Reply Forgotten
10:40 PM on November 27, 2015 Deep in the forest of the Netherlands, lives two Clans: BreezeClan and NightClan. They thrive on prey and land, and Clan members. The two Clans live in fear of the other, and are ready to battle at any given moment. BreezeClan is light and lively, that's how they got their name. NightClan is quiet and dark. Will both of them clash and send the forest into a panic frenzy, ending all relationships and trust? Join us to find out.

Reply Jinxy
11:34 PM on August 11, 2015 

Name: Jinx/Jinxy

Description: A young, pretty, black shecat with aqua colored eyes, and white on the tip of her tail and her front right paw.

Status/Place: Loner/Twolegplace

Reply Trance
2:06 PM on July 16, 2015 

Name: Skyleap

Description: Light, cream-coloured she-cat and white stripes and brown ears and two pure white paws in the back. Brilliant blue eyes. She can leapincredibly high, higher than the average cat. She struggles to catch prey in the warm seasons because of her bright pelt, but its much easier to catch prey in the cold season. She is intelligent and very sarcastic. She can be sensitive about her past, but if  you get close enough to her, she may tell some things. 

Status/Place: Warrior, ThunderClan

Reply Trance
1:44 PM on July 16, 2015 

Description: Trance - Pitch black she-cat except for white ears. Bright, beautiful emerald green eyes (missing 1 eye). Scars cover her body from previous fights.

Trance is mysterious, keeps to herself. She doesn't know anybody except her family, which she was taken away from long ago by Twolegs. When she grew older, she ran away from her Twoleg owners. She lives by herself, never staying in one place. She has an uncontrollable temper at times if you provoke her. Though, she can be extremely sweet.

Status/Place: Rogue, Barn

Reply :.Chance.
1:17 AM on June 5, 2015 

Name: Chance

Description: A tuxedo with golden eyes that shines at night. He lives on his own but respects other cats. He does not interrupt cats if they are busy or he himself is because disturbing others makes him disturbed. He stays at the Barn or moves to another place to chill. The tom likes to be with himself but will accept any company as long as that cat respects him.

Status/Place: Rogue/Barn

Reply Waffle Halo
1:19 PM on May 3, 2015 
Ferris-~- Dark brown Bengal tom with bright green eyes. He is muscular and big, yet sweet and affectionate and sometimes a bit of a scaredy cat. Literally. He is not the smartest cat around, but he is smart enough.-~- Kittypet/twolegplace
Reply Waffle Halo
2:31 AM on May 3, 2015 
Status/place: Tribe of Rushing Water
Reply Waffle Halo
2:30 AM on May 3, 2015 
Whisper in the Night-~- In 2 words, Whisper is volatile and mysterioius. Clever, curious, charming, you can't help but be curious about him at first meeting. He has a confident, but dangerous aura about him, making you feel both protected and cautious at the same time, but in time you realize that he is not as evil as he is thought to be. He is naturally charming and flirtatious. His graceful gait is as light as a whisper, contributing to his name. He is able to move and make no sound, frightening some cats and shocking others. There is a reason, though, that Whisper is dangerous. His silent ways make him good for ambush, and again, if you are caught by him, he is like a volatile weapon, ready to spring at any moment. His hunting and ambush skills are excellent, and he always keeps his claws sharp and his teeth razor sharp and threateningly white. Undaunted by water, Whisper goes swimming occasionally, and he loves to explore, adventure, gain more knowledge.He prefers to sleep outside, under the sky and stars, even in the rain. He is a prey hunter, but this does not mean he is not good in battle if necessary.
Reply Fang
7:53 PM on May 2, 2015 

Fang- White she-cat with black stripes on her back and tail, black ears, and a red BC collar. Red eyes- BloodClan

Mist- Light gray she-cat with white ''socks'' on her paws. Green eyes.- Loner

Reply Waffle Halo
8:42 PM on February 26, 2015 
Waffles-~-Waffle is a golden brown abyssinian with darker fur on her back, ears, paws, and tail tip. She is a she-cat with a sweet, affectionate heart. Always sticking up for justice, she will fight for righteosness and fairness. Unlike most sweet cats, she encourages violence, but only when necessary. She understands the misunderstood, befriends the friendless, and invites the outcasts. She is loyal to her friends, and would gladly die for them. Quiet as the snow falling on the ground in leaf-bare, she floats silently. Her eyes are bright green, and always dreaming. Waffle can only be described as a quiet, sweet, loyal she-cat, whose greatest love is to be free. Loner