Beyond the Clans

Based on the Series by Erin Hunter


 The Tribe of Rushing Water


You flop down onto the ground, tired from your long trek to the mountains.  Chilling wind swirls around you, and you are shivering like mad.  Was this your idea?  To be collapsed and freezing at the base of a mountain?   It most certainly was not!

You were drawn to the mountain by a mixture of curiosity...and something else.  As if the snow, ice, frost was calling you....the mountains seemed to be shimmering with mystical secrets.  And, like most, you just had to figure out the reason for this radiance.

You get the sensation that you're being coolly watched and look around fearfully.  If any hostile creature came across you now, you were dead, no doubt.  

Then a pale form steps from the shadows.


It is a beautiful and graceful she-cat.  

"I am Teller of the Pointed Stones," She mewed.

You nod quickly, utterly bewildered by that mouthful of a name, but you've started to hope she won't hurt you.

As if reading your thoughts, she mewed, "You can call me merely Stoneteller.  And I will not hurt you, that is promised."

You speak in a quavery voice, but are content she will not harm you.

"Do you live here, in the mountains?"



"I can show you, come with me."

"O-okay."  You try to get to your paws but stumble.

"My mistake, I have forgotten."  Her gaze meets yours and energy fills you, like a kit's exploring for the first time.


You follow, carefully placing your paws, and noticed that she is not touching the ground.

"A-are you a ghost?!"  You demand, stopping.

"A spirit," She soothes in reply, "And as I said, you will come to no harm."

Dipping your head, you go on again.  "Have you every had another name besides "Stoneteller" ?" You ask, somehow knowing it wasn't offensive.

She shakes her head, then looks thoughtful.  "Well...I was once called Silver Sky Before Dawn."

Before you can ask why she changed hers, you come to a roaring waterfall, it's mist spraying your fur, soaking it.

Then, as if you were waiting for the memory to come back, you know what to do.  There is a cave behind the waterfall.

You barely noticed as the "Stoneteller" cat disappears.  Climbing up and squeezing through a narrow entrance, you are greeted with a vast cave.

Slender cats with mud-streaked fur milled around.

"Welcome to the Tribe."